Trouble at the Toy Hotel

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    Addy, Maya, Tori and Sydney are guests at Lucy's new Toy Hotel and there's a problem! There are two maids that have come to take all of the fun new toys from the silly kids. Oh no! Will Bellhop Jason and Toy Hotel owner Lucy be able to get to the bottom of this? You'll have to watch to find out!

    Music Credits:
    Make New Friends by Manners
    Refocus by Manners
    Extra Cheese Please by New Wave Sounds
    Curiosity by Kevin Graham
    Arena by OBOY
    Happy Dance by Triads
    Life with You by Matt Wigton
    Brand New by Hawksilver
    Double Agent by Triads
    Escape by OBOY
    When I Found You by Matt Wigton
    All I Wanna Do by Paper Planet
    The Future is Basic by My Buddy Mike
    My New Love by Collin G Scudder
    Fixed Infinitely Up by Achille Richard
    Feel Good Fresh by Hawksilver
    What I Need by Hawksilver
    Good Vibes by Album House
    A Walk in the Park by Liberty
    Give by OBOY
    A Day in My Life by Liberty
    I Got Nothin' by Caleb Harris
    Power Play by Bryant Lowery

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