Toy Hotel Workers Have Tiny Hands !!!

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    Tic Tac ToyTic Tac Toy

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    Addy and Maya have a bad dream that all of the Toy Hotel workers have tiny hands and have to go see the Toy Doctor! Chef Pierre, Bellhop Jason, Housekeeper Natalie and pretend hotel owner Lucy all come down with the same problem. Sydney and Tori have a hard time getting any service from the silly employees. Will Toy Hotel ever be the same again or is this all just a horrible nightmare? You'll have to watch to find out!
    Music Credits:
    Orbital Physical by Isaac Joel
    Weirdness by Middle January
    Young and Alive by Triads
    Nazca by Isaac Joel
    Helping Hands by Collin G Scudder
    Up in the Clouds by Titus
    Dementor by Dresden, the Flamingo
    Street Sweep by Yung Koolade
    A Song for You by Evermore
    So Long by Adrian Walther
    Selfish by Alter Ego
    Dancin Pants by Mikey Geiger
    Camouflage by Jessie Villa
    Bouncy Ball by The Open Doors
    No Exit by Caleb Harris
    Funkin' by Yung Koolade
    Suprosonic by Hill
    All in the Game by Sounds Like Sander
    Interstellar Cocktail by Triads
    Keep it Moving by Hawksilver
    Little Pastry by New Wave Sounds

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